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Voir les photos instagram sur ubuntu avec 4K stogram :



Stogram 4K est un client Instagram pour PC, Mac et Linux. Il permet de télécharger ou sauvegarder les photos Instagram partagées par n’importe quel utilisateur. L’application est entièrement gratuit, open source et multi-plateforme. Il suffit d’entrer le nom d’utilisateur Instagram ou un lien photo et le bouton ‘utilisateur suivi’ de presse. Essayez-le!



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2 thoughts on “instagram sur ubuntu

  1. Technologie1

    application très puissant

  2. I’ve been tinkering with tons of Linux distros since the early mandrake years. So far from my experiences as much as any one dosen’t want to here the words “I seem to get the most out of arch based distros on my hardware”.

    I get the most out of Arch based distros on my hardware that being said, i am no fan of the basic arch install, i work on computers for folks that shouldn’t be allowed to use PCs at work, and i have 4 kids at home time is a fleeting thing. Don’t get me wrong i love to know how to fix and design my OS. Thank you arch for the well documented instructions, guides, and the very efficient running OS that is very flexible. and i thank the folks that added there work to yours

    I strongly recommend them in this order.
    Arch with a light weight De, its not for the feint of heart but it is worth it for the performance

    Anrchy it holds your hand through the installation process they have some repos that are thiers as do the rest of the arch based distros so they arnt quite arch

    Antergos is a awesome idea, there some bugs in cnchi i check up on them every once in a while they will be something once they get all of the bugs worked out of their installer. when it installs as advertised i can use KDE and run skyrim from steam through wine and on my hardware that’s pretty amazing. not to mention its pretty close to arch but not quite arch

    Last but not least manjaro they are like mac they just work every time ive used them out of the box installs steam i go to steam settings and i turn on play on steam for all my games and i have no trouble with most of my games.

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