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end-xpWindows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will not be supported on 8 April 2014. If your organization has not started migrating to a modern workstation, you are late.

The benefits of Ubuntu in the enterprise are clear: lower costs, greater hardware and operational efficiencies, and increased availability and scalability. Canonical migration services ensure that you see these benefits when you migrate to Ubuntu

We help you prioritise the areas of your IT environment and business that will benefit the most, so you can see the cost savings and returns on investment even sooner. Our consultants provide you with well-defined migration phases so you know exactly when and how your IT environment will improve.






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14 thoughts on “end windows xp

  1. Juan

    Good bye Windows!!! :), welcome Mac!!!;D

    • Gian518

      Good comment 😀

      • anonimo

        welcome Mac, good bye money

      • Patryk Poblocki

        That’s not a comment. It’s a joke 🙂 lol

  2. Jayb Yorong

    Ubuntu is a good OS but it looks ugly. it’s like windows 98. Poor hardware support espcially switching onboard graphics card.

    • Amr Rouas

      you’re talking about ubuntu version 2004 😀 ??? looool

  3. Allen Manana

    Windows XP hangs on , all the newer offerings from M$ have been failures.

    Switch your clients, customers, friends and family to Ubuntu, or Mint.


    • Patryk Poblocki

      Em that’s new. From when XP is better than Windows 7? I am definitely not a fan-boy of MS and I personally don’t even like the company overall but I am a computer user since I remember (so called geek) and to be honest I don’t see XP better than 7. I love Linux and Ubuntu is my choice but I also find myself to use Windows 7 and I can honestly say that is a very decent OS and I think it is best MS product out there. I also have a bad news. Most of businesses will switch to Windows 7 and in UK they mostly did. As a fan of Linux and long time user I wish things to be different but they don’t.

      • Allen Manana

        In truth, I agree with Patryk. Most of the MS offerings were better than XP, none were very good. But, for the entrenched user, think of a little shop on the corner, those people see no benefit in switching. Even after XP is buried, little businesses will continue to use it until their computers break down.
        The switch to Linux will be easier for most.

        • Patryk Poblocki

          I agree with you Allen, it would be easier but (yes there is always some but). It is against many companies and market standards. Let see by example, designing companies are tied to Adobe and it doesn’t run on Linux. MS Office. Still LibreOffice has not very good support for this Office Suite. Yes ODF is among those standards but most companies Worldwide still decide to stick to MS Office (maybe because they don’t even know LibreOffice). 3D graphic design programs? Even Ubuntu developed Edge 3D models in Windows. Lot of companies also are scared to death that they will have to spend money to train their employees. In the other hand they will spend more money for the new licenses. The major problem with Linux is it’s lack of reliable alternatives to proprietary applications. In many cases I found a lot better options among free software but to be realistic no Adobe Suite replacement. And I am that person who depend on it, and sometimes I am in rage that I need to switch to Windows in order to get the job done. It’s frustrating because I feel like someone takes away my freedom and force me to do things I don’t want to do. But that’s the real World I guess.

          • Allen Manana

            Again Patryck, you have hit on the major stumbling block, « lack of reliable alternatives ». First, look at Apples’ (Mac) OS X Snow Leopard. It did run MS « Office Suite 2004(etc) » not now.
            I believe that the reality is that Microsoft may have to leave the operating system marketplace. Apple/Mac seems like the first best alternative to many, but is it ? The GNU Public license restrictions have kept Apple from using Linux outright. Obviously having Mac and Linux crossover would help everyone.
            Really Patryck, I believe that we are at a major turning point, and Linux is the key player. And Ubuntu leads the pack.

  4. StartUbuntu Project has been found to help and offer a powerful
    modern alternative to Windows XP Users. Windows XP End Of Life will be
    in April, 2014 and it is 6 months away. We need to spread the word and
    invite Windows XP Users to try Ubuntu and its official variants. They
    will feel home, no doubt about it and the world by far, know what Linux
    is capable of. No more formatting, no more blue screen of death and no
    more anti-virus programs. Fast, Secure and Stable. What could be better
    than this? Help us to spread the word and write about it, share it, and
    invite your friends and family to have a look 🙂

    Founder of StartUbuntu


  5. Johnise

    Most windows xp machines would need a cut down version of Ubuntu like Lubuntu. Might even be useful to try something like Puppy Linux. I’ve always got better performance out of that than any flavor of Ubuntu.

  6. news@cnn.com

    Few months ago parents of my wife have asked me to help them with PC.

    They are not young people, mid-end of 70th, have never ever had any computer at home and finally decided to start it.

    Thinking about what to get… it was clear a notebook, but… most of them are coming with MS redeployed. The idea to get to MS windows 8.x was attractive, but then I did a calculation:
    Office + Antivirus subscription resulting in $$$ in combination with issues related to the security and maintenance what could be an issue with 2,5 thousand kilometers I have chosen openSUSE.

    Since then they are happy Linux users.

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